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How they work

Air One, Inc. offers Rotary Foggers as an alternative to conventional dust suppression methods. The Rotary Fogger uses a fan to force air around a spinning disc with a series of slotted openings that emits billions of water droplets per gallon in a horizontal mist. The units can project a horizontal mist over 75-feet from the unit itself. When coupled with the oscillating option, a single unit can cover up to 4,500-square feet of area. Rotary foggers are the most economical alternative to conventional high pressure nozzle systems for odor and dust suppression in larger facilities.

Product Features and Advantages

Simple Operation

Rotary Foggers use a simple fan assisted centrifugal water flow system that atomizes water into small droplets (0-250 microns). They do not use nozzles, high pressure pumps or compressors.

Durable and Reliable

The Rotary Foggers come in epoxy coated steel housings. Motors and fans are duty rated for consistent performance and reliability.

Water Management

Spray volume is completely adjustable from 0-gallons per hour (gph) up to 50-gph. The system can be operated on domestic water supply pressure or a low pressure booster pump.

Available Models

Ceiling mounted, non-oscillating
Ceiling mounted, oscillating

Technical Specifications

Fan diameter - 20-inches Coverage area - 1,000 to 4,500 ft 2
Air volume - 33.5-ft/s Water pressure requirement - 15 to 35 psi
Fan speed - 1,500-rpm Water consumption - 0 to 50 gph
Power requirements - 120-volts Droplet size - 0 -250 microns
Power requirements - 10 amp/120-volts Weight - 95 pounds
Maximum mist throw - 90 feet  

Download Rotary Fogger Specs
Rotary Fogger Specifications

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