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Low energy Industrial Commercial High Efficiency Air Purification and Air Filtration
Air Purifier - Air Cleaner for the Source Capture and Removal of Dust Particulate and total Ventilation for Fleet Maintenance & Industrial and Commercial Applications


The Airephase LE (photo to the right) is a self-contained ceiling mounted air cleaner with mid-body exhaust. Placing the fan midpoint in the unit allows for equal draw from two opposite sides, thereby doubling the effective capture intake area and particle capture compared to traditional single intake models. Configured so exhausted air can be expelled from any of its 4 sides by chassis rotation. This feature further fine-tunes the air exhaust position discharge best suited for the application. Ducting can be attached to the exhaust vent to channel air to another location or exhaust to the building's exterior.

The Dual level filtration provides efficient and effective ambient air cleaning for removal of a wide range of airborne contaminants. Two filtration stages create progressive filtering first the larger then the small particulate. The "first stage"MERV 8, or prefilter, contains the larger particulates and provides 92% average arrestance in a 70% efficiency range on particulate sizes 3.0 to 10 microns in size. The second or final MERV 14 filter is of higher efficiency, with a 99% rating with average arrestance at 85%, with particles in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron range.

There are Three (3) Efficiency Versions of the Airephase Air Cleaners which are designed with a progressive filtration system. These series of filters eliminates the contaminants in order of their size. With the higher efficiency models (ME & HE) the addition of odor and fume removal filters are incorporated.

To determine the level of filtration you require you need to know the size particle you need to capture. Please See Our Applications Chart to the right which can assist you.

Airephase units are designed to operate within three efficiency levels. The industry has created a rating system or measurement scale better known as MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) to measure filter effectiveness. This provides the parameters to accurately identify the best system for health, safety, economical operation, energy savings and compliance. MERV ratings start at 1 and conclude at MERV 16 being the highest rating. Particle capture ranges are between 10 and 0.3 micrometers in size. HEPA filters are higher than a MERV 16 rating so they carry their own rating performance parameters.

LE Front Front view of AirePhase LE
Three Efficiency Versions of Airephase
dependent upon particulate size in Applications
LE (Low) ME (Medium) and HE (High)
Applications Chart

Welding (Low & Med)
Machine Shops (Low)
Wood Shop (Med)
Body Repair Shops & Automotive Refinishing (Low & Med)
Manufacturing Facilities (All 3 Units)
Parking Garages (Low)
Grinding / Sanding Operations (Low Med)
Loading Docks (Low)
Printing Shops (Low)

Removes, Remove Removal / Reduces

Diesel & Exhaust Soot (Med & High)
Airborne Particulates (All 3 Units)
Welding By-Products (Med & High)
Saw Dust & Process Dust Powder (Low & Med)
Buffing Dust (Low & Med)

Source Capture (All 3 Units)

Source Capture (All 3 Units)
Dust Collection Systems (All 3 Units)
Commercial & Industrial Air Cleaners / Purifiers (All 3 Units)
Heavy Dust Loading applications (All 3 Units)
High Quality Industrial Air Cleaners (All 3 Units)
Ambient Air Cleaners (All 3 Units)
Standalone Dust Collectors (All 3 Units)
Green Industrial air cleaners (All 3 Units)
Torching (Low)

Airephase units encompass a broad range of capture sizes. The Airephase LE is preliminary associated with larger higher volume particulate capture. Its primary filter is a MERV 8 that has the capability of a capture range between 3 and 10 microns. Its final filter is a MERV rated 15 for smaller size particles between 0.3 and 1.0 microns. The pre-filter (MERV 8) takes out the larger size particles while the final filter gets down to the sub-micron size range. The LE is a dual intake and single exhaust design with twice the filtration area making it ideal for high dust concentration areas and energy efficient with its new green technology blower.

Model Type
Filter Rating
Capture Range (Microns)




Final Filter


0.3 - 1

Options: Higher capacity filters available at additional cost.

Why Go Green?

Why Go Green

Airephase goes green with a totally newly designed unit and blower/motor assembly, the very heart of our system. Our new energy efficient and high efficiency ECM (electronically commutated motor) replaces a PSC motor while using up to 75% fewer watts. New ECM motor technology advancement creates immediate energy savings translating to immediate operational savings.

ECM technology is based upon a brush less-DC permanent magnet motor, vastly more efficient than PSC motors while providing far quieter operation, better air quality and airflow control translating to significant cost savings.

With advanced motor control features 6 different speed settings (at 1/2 & 1 HP) providing a wide range of operational options. The motor is designed to provide constant torque operation, thereby automatically adjusting its performance based upon any changing operational conditions.

Features like rotational sensing allow for the motor to automatically adjust for the correct operational direction. 120,208,230, 50/60Hz voltage wiring modes allows connection to virtually any power source, anywhere. The motor's intelligent controller monitors incoming voltage and frequency, then automatically adjusts to operate at the existing conditions with no performance loss.

Why Go Green

Power surging is a thing of the past as the intelligent controls gradually ramp up the speed to avoid electrical surging. Motor efficiency improves by over 25% power consumption may be reduced up to 75%. The motor's operation being better controlled and monitored provides for much quieter and longer lasting modes of operation. Thermal overloads and sealed ball-bearings provide years of maintenance free operation.

When not operating at its optimum speed setting, the motor can be run at a fractional HP setting or in Constant Fan (CF) mode. This reduces energy consumption while keeping air constantly moving, filtered and redistributed throughout a facility. For less than 50* cents a day the CF mode filters airborne particulate, odors, and fumes that cause a stale, musty and stagnant air build-up during the off-hours. The low energy, almost silent CF mode can be manually activated by user or set to function automatically during regular working hours when combined with our optional (TSCMM) Timer Control hardware.

Besides having more systems installed worldwide and being the most documented system in the market, now we are more cost efficient to operate more versatile and user friendly. You would think it would make the competition green with envy.

..Go Green & Go Clean

* Calculation based upon 13 cents average cost per KWh.

TSCMM Controller - The Brains of the Outfit

The new TSCMM low voltage controller is an automated control system that operates various functions of the Airephase LE system and most other products in the Biological Controls air cleaner family. The TSCMM provides 24/7 coverage of run-time, blower and motor speed, power sequencing, filter change alarm and various other activation modes. Two models (TSCMM 4 & 8) are available and can be expanded to activate up to 8 or 16 units. Our NEMA 4 rated enclosure complies with UL 508 & CSA specifications.


Most of the functions can be manually or automatically activated. The TSCMM allows the motor to custom design your system to your specific application. Additional auxiliary terminals within the box allow connections of other peripheral components, such as; audible (tone) alarm circuits, magnetic door relays, gas and motion detectors, remote initiate push buttons, auto-eject power disconnect systems, 800 MHz alert systems, electric eyes, vehicle radio or remote control systems, auxiliary day timers and custom interfaces.


Model: Airephase LE
Construction: 16 ga.steel with baked on powder coated finish
Fan Capacity @ 0" static: Mfg. rating between 2100 and 2700 CFM
Fan Capacity @ 0.7": WG and 1.8"static 2700 CFM @ 0" WC
Motor HP: 1 HP direct drive, maintenance free
Motor Speeds: 3 separate speeds at each HP setting, High. Medium and Constant Fan Circulation Modes
Dimensions: 24(H) x 24(W) x 58(L)
Voltage: 115VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 0.8A to 8.3A 208/230VAC, +/- 10%, 50/60 HZ, Single Phase, 0.4A to 4.7A (Current is speed dependent)
Low Voltage Control Power: 24V+/-10% DC @ 80ma max.
Filters: First Stage, Two (2) MERV 8 rating, 24 x 24 x 2 pleated Optional, Two (2) MERV 8 rating 24 x 24 x 4 pleated Second Stage, MERV 14 rating 24 x 24 x 15"10 pocket Weight 170 lbs. all inclusive

General Specifications

  • The chassis shall be fabricated entirely from 16 ga. steel
  • All external joints shall be continuous welded construction
  • Finish shall be baked on epoxy power coat hammertone enamel finished inside and outside
  • Unit shall measure 24"(H) x 24"(W) x 58"(L)
  • Unit shall not exceed 175 lbs with standard filters
  • Unit shall have dual side air inlets with single exhaust duct
  • Exhaust duct shall have optional 4 way adjustable louver feature
  • All filters shall be standard sizes and readily available
  • There shall be no wood or wood composites in the unit's construction
  • Unit shall have 4 threaded holes for threaded eye-bolts on top as well as four threaded holes on bottom panel
  • Unit shall have ability to exhaust either horizontally or vertically
  • The motor and blower shall be mounted internally with no components exposed to the chassis exterior
  • Unit shall utilize a 1 HP, UL/CSA registered direct drive, dual inlet maintenance free ball- bearing blower
  • Unit shall be available in either 115V or 208/230 volt service @ 50/60 Hz
  • Unit blower motor shall be permanently lubricated and require no adjustment, lubrication and shall not be belt driven
  • The blower motor and all electrical components shall be mounted such that the entire blower assembly may be removed as a single sub-assembly
  • Unit shall have on/off rocker switch with incorporated breaker
  • Unit shall a single air switch capable of monitoring the pressure differential of the filters and a single external LED as a visual indication of the filters requiring replacement
  • Unit shall have low 24V voltage power control allowing the unit's power to be controlled by a low voltage wall switch, low voltage control box or timer
  • Unit to be activated manually or a totally automatic means
  • All electrical components to be UL/CSA registered and unit to be certified by ETL to UL 507 and CSA 22.2 No.113 for fans and ventilators

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