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The first filter in line in our progressive filtration design is a pre-filter to capture the larger size particulates. That would otherwise clog the final filter and reduce its life expectancy. This filter is composed of a blend of high loft synthetic and natural fibers for better than 90% arrestance on particles as small as 4µ in size. This filter has a MERV 8 rating.



The HEPA is a specially constructed air filter designed to perform with an efficiency rating of at least 99.97% on particles 0.3 microns in size. Particles of this size have been determined to be the most penetrating or difficult particle size to capture whereas particles larger or smaller are filtered out even at higher efficiencies.This assures there is a high level of protection against airborne disease transmissions.

Airephase& utilizes a high capacity 99.99% efficient absolute filter with more than double the media content of standard HEPA filters. The media is composed of wet-laid water resistant micro-fiber glass capable of withstanding up to 99% relative humidity. The media pack is designed in a V-bank formation optimizing the airflow characteristics and ensuring uniform airflow throughout the media area. There is up to 431 sq. feet of filter media allowing a lower pressure drop and more service life, as much as 3-4 times the life of standard design HEPA filters. Each filter is individually tested, certified and serialized noting the actual tested performance values.



Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a highly effective method of sterilization that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light in the short wavelength (UVC) to breakdown micro-organisms. UV light is electromagnetic radiation that operates in the 2,537 Angstrom (254nm) range. UV irradiation destroys the nucleic acids by breaking their molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA which in turn removes their growth and reproductive capabilities and renders them harmless. This allows UV to be greatly effective on micro-organisms such as pathogens, bacteria, viruses and molds.

The UV system designed into Airephase™ delivers the best and longest lasting UVC performance available at 5 times the output of conventional devices under standard operating conditions 45f @550 fpm. Increased output, more reliable performance and a longer service life that is 3-4 times that of conventional lamps makes this an ideal combination for airborne protection. The system produces no ozone or other secondary contaminants. Low life cycle cost compared to any other UVC product makes it both efficient and economical to run.

High output UVC energy eliminates and or reduces both surface contaminants and airborne microbial organisms that are the cause of the spread of infectious diseases, as well as mold and mold spores, bacteria (including TB, Legionella, whooping cough, viruses including colds, various flu, measles and SARS).

Reflective UVC energy is created by the interior surfaces of the housing being lined with a pressure sensative adhesive mat that increases the reflective irradiance. This allows the photons to be more active and bounce reducing the shadowy areas and thereby increasing reflectivity and efficacy.



One of the most critical aspects of a HEPA filter is to insure that efficiencies are maintained throughout its service life and remain at their highest level, and this involves a leak-free filter seal. The seal is the interface that exists between the filter and the mounting surface of the hardware. Compression seals that normally involve a neoprene type of closed cell sponge gasket can dry out and deteriorate or leak due to under or over torquing during installation resulting in contaminant bypass.

The Airephase™ unit utilizes what is called a "knife-edge" mounting system that allows for an extruded aluminum channel measuring 0.60" wide by 0.75" deep as an integral component of the filter frame.

The channel is factory filled with a unique elastic gel sealant that is both non-flowing, and non- hardening. The knife-edge penetrates the gel, and seats within the channel. This design combination creates a positive seal that only requires surface contact with it's mating edge to prevent air bypass and assure perfect leak-free performance over the life of the HEPA filter.



The baffle box is a rear exhaust attachment that can be used when the Airephase is utilized as a standalone unit to exhaust air back into the existing space. It is designed to allow the filtered exhaust air to exit the unit in multiple directions. With over 300 separate directional louvers and an adjustable 4 way rear louver exiting air is dispersed evenly behind the unit creating a good air mixing pattern. In addition, it also helps baffle the air exhaust sound.

When the Airephase™ unit is used as an "inline" filter system, a rear exhaust duct can be attached directly to the housing to provide a single exhaust route as the baffle box would not serve any purpose in that application.



Airephase can be equipped with either or both of the following options:

Differential Gauge: This gauge allows a constant monitoring of the performance of the unit by measuring the resistance on the filter components. As the unit operates, the filters gradually become clogged thereby increasing the resistance in the system or reducing the amount of air passing through the system. The performance status is identified by measuring the reading on the gauge, as it gradually increases to a point where the pre-filter or final filter requires replacement. Once the filters are renewed the reading will decrease.

Hour Meter: Another means of identifying total run time is the installation of the electronic hour meter. The meter records the actual utilization time the unit has operated. This allows for periodic maintenance based upon a time factor. The UV lamps have a defined life span and must be replaced as they ultimately lose their ability to irradiate to the degree they were designed. The hour meter helps take the guess work away.

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