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Biological Controls
Equipment and Systems for Hospital Isolation Rooms

Mobile Hospital Air Purification

The MICROCON® is a high capacity mobile air purifier specifically designed to remove hazardous microbial airborne particulate. It is the only system more details...

Negative/Positive Pressure Isolation Ceiling Mounted

The MICROCON® EXhaust product line is a series of HEPA filtration systems designed to exhaust controlled amounts of room air to create negative more details...

Negative/Positive Pressure Isolation Window or Wall Mounted

The MICROCON® EX Series was developed to exhaust air directly to the outside. This is suitable for rooms with direct outside exposure more details...

Negative or Positive Room
Pressure Monitor

The ACCUSTAT® room pressure monitors are designed specifically for monitoring low, negative or positive pressure differentials. Accurate pressurization
more details...

Mobile Isolation Enclosure

The ISOPORT™ is a heavy-duty vinyl enclosure that encapsulates the patient and isolates them in a negative pressure setting while aerosolized
more details...

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