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ATS Industrial Line Family of Products


  • Provides a safe and healthy workplace
  • Controls lung damaging contaminants in the breathing zone
  • No unsightly hanging hoses
  • No building modifications needed
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Cleans and recirculates heated air rather than exhausting outside, thereby reducing energy consumption


  • Quite Operation
  • No Heat Loss
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Disposable Filters
  • Simple Installation
  • Filter Service Gauge
  • No Ducting
  • Multiple Filter Configurations
Air Technology Solutions air purification systems are designed to fit virtually any industrial application or budget. With more than 30 years of experience in industrial air filtration, our experts have the knowledge and expertise you rely on to do the job right. ATS Industrial Air Cleaners are the industry's most cost effective solution for purifying your air.

ATS Industrial Air Cleaner is controls welding smoke, fumes, grinding dust, oil mist, composite dust, wood dust, granite dust, vapors and other airborne particulates. It's a multi-stage progressive air filtration system designed to clean the air and protect employee health.

The ATS Industrial line family of products includes the ATS-3000, a regular unit designed to fit larger spaces; the ATS-2500 is designed to fit medium sized spaces; the ATS-2000 is designed to fit in smaller/tight spaces. All units' modular construction is designed as part of a complete clean air system package.

ATS Industrial line is powered by a 3/4 hp direct drive motor that draws the pollutants into the filtration media. The purified airflow is reintroduced into your facility. Equipment is constructed of a powder coated steel frame with carbon steel panels.

Our multi-stage progressive air filtration system designed to clean the air and protect employee health.

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