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Neutralizes Odors Due To: Flood / Fire / Smoke Damage, Stagnant Air, Mold/Mildew, Decay, Sewage, Sewer Gas, Solvents, Oil Spills, Hydraulic Fluid Spills, Paint Fumes from Latex & Oil, Adhesives, Plenums, Elevators/Stairwells, Food Prep, Pet & Animal Odor Control, Musty Books/Documents/Clothing, Artifacts, Displays, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Tobacco Smoke, Bus & Train Passenger Body Odors, Human Decay.

BAD AIR SPONGE (BAS) is a solid, paste-gel containing activated charcoal, humectant and reagents which adsorb, neutralize or alter undesirable odors and fumes. BAS is USDA approved for use in food-handling areas. It is designed for continuous use, non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally safe and easy to apply. BAS can be placed inside air handling equipment to adsorb and neutralize odors as product is dispersed and circulated throughout an entire building. Or place BAS in affected areas for odor remediation.

Occupants perceive poor Indoor Air Quality more readily when odors and fumes are noticeable. BAS reduces in size as it reacts with airborne odor causing compounds. BAS will last 30 to 150 days based on product size loading. The residual material is both pH balanced and 100% biodegradable. This product has been used in central air systems as an odor adsorbant for 20+ years and no known instance of allergies or sensitivities have been reported or recorded.

Just remove the lid from the Bad Air Sponge™ (BAS) container/tub and BAS starts working at once to neutralize your MAL-odors. Keep it simple! Let BAS do your odor control work. Enjoy Fresher, Healthier Air as part of the 15,000 gallons of air you breathe each day.

We bet you’re saying or thinking of the following checklist of nuisance odors that you would like to stop, control:

  • Musty-Moldy Odors
  • Decay and Rotting Odors
  • Basements that never Stop Smelling
  • Drip Pan Odors
  • Refrigerator Smells from untouched, long forgotten food or spilled goods
  • Stagnant office or workplace Air
  • Tobacco and Cigar Odors
  • Fire and Flood Damage
  • Smells or odors from past and present water leaks
  • Boats in Storage
  • Paint, Solvents and Adhesive
  • Odors during Repairs and Building Maintenance
  • Dumpster and Trash smells that never go away
  • Sewer, Waste Water Treatment Odors
  • Bathrooms and Storage closets that have that ‘always in use’ odor
  • Copy Machine Toner Odors that fill the air
  • Body Odors within the Workplace
  • Formaldehyde, Ammonia and New Furniture or Car Odors
  • Work Process related odors such as in the Garment Business – fabrics, glues, storage
  • Smoldering smells, burning from wood cutting
  • Printing Press odors, screen printing odors
  • Distribution, Warehouse Odors
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and patient odors
  • Schools/Classrooms, Libraries, Locker Rooms
  • Hotels/Motels for Guest Room Odors-Smoke,
  • Stagnant and Moldy Body odors, Chemicals
  • Money Handling Areas, Closed-in, Confining Work Stations

Can you believe it! Bad Air Sponge™ offers you a way to improve your Environment

You can start right away. Call us for your Bad Air Sponge™ Supplies to be delivered to your door now. “Environmentally Safe”, when BAS comes into contact with odors it adsorbs, neutralizes or alters undesirable odors and fumes. Place the product where you need it. Avoid perceiving poor quality air due to odors. Use BAS to work around the clock.

With continuous use, BAS size reduces, color darkens and it can be discarded, being 100% biodegradable. BAS is pH balanced, water based, non-toxic, and non-flammable; flash point is 123°F. The trace fragrance upon first opening the container shortly reaches a non-detectable level.

Directions For Usage
Inside the supply air plenum area   behind air filter in front of coils of   your air system
Inside supply air ducting
In any affected area
For Maximum effectiveness eject   the Bad Air Sponge onto its   container lid and remove the   container to allow full surface   exposure.

Light Odors: 2 lbs. per 400 sq. ft. or ton of A/C or 350 CFM of fan capacity

Medium Odors: 5 to 7lbs. per 400 sq. ft. or ton of A/C or 350 CFM of fan capacity

Heavy Odors: 7 or 35 lbs. per 400 sq. ft. or ton of A/C or 350 CFM of fan capacity

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