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Low Energy, Industrial Commercial High Efficiency Air Cleaner & Air Purifier System with HEPA Air Filtration IAQ Filtering Airflow Control
Air Quality Control Solutions for Ultra Fine Airborne Particulate and Hazardous Contaminates

Fleet Maintenance & Industrial / Commercial Applications

Airephase HE


Airephase HE with HEPA Filtration and UV

A High Efficiency Air Cleaner / Air Purifier with HEPA Filtration.

Optional Germicidal UV Ultra Violet Light Lamps for extra irradiation.

OSHA PEL Recommendations for Air Ventilation and Dust Collector Systems

There is no better degree of filtration than installing a HEPA filtration system. A HEPA filter is designed to remove virtually all airborne contaminants, even pathogens the size of bacteria. Which is why they are required use in hospital, medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturing facilities. There are various varieties of HEPA type filters with even higher efficiency than the minimum efficiency level requirement of 99.97% efficient on a 0.3 micron size particle. As previously stated these are a step above the MERV rated filters and should be specified when the highest filtration level is required. As a primary filter our Airephase HE utilizes the same MERV 8 rated prefilter as the other units, but a final HEPA certified filter is installed. Side loading housing makes it easy to install and separate access for the pre-filter and HEPA makes maintenance quick and safe. All design parameters are upgraded with a special fluid seal gasket on the HEPA that eliminates any possibility of bypass and provides virtually 100% containment of all airborne contaminants. As a further enhancement to filtration the unit can be equipped with a germicidal UV lamp system for irradiation of airborne pathogens, such as viruses. Viruses are smaller in size than bacteria. Therefore, a custom designed germicidal UV 254 um lamp is required to break down its DNA thereby making it non-virulent. The UV system is specifically designed for high volume, high velocity airflow.

Ideally suited for the capture of ultra fine or hazardous contaminants our high efficiency rated units exemplifies the Airephase HE.

One common benefit of all the units is the motor itself. It is an energy efficient design using ECM motor technology to deliver immediate energy and operational savings while using less than 75% fewer watts of power for unit than conventional PSC motors.

These comments apply to all the units since we are all above MERV 13 Sustainable component for a LEED/Green Building Initiative Exceeds LEED / Green requirement of MERV 13.

HE Side View

Photo above shows the side of Airephase™ chasis depicting air tight filter, change panels and externally mounted ballast to power internal high intensity germicidal UV Lamps. This version includes the baffle box diffuser mounted in rear. Click here for component diagram

There are Three (3) Versions of the Airephase Air Cleaners which are designed with a progressive filtration system. These series of filters eliminates the contaminants in order of their size. With the higher efficiency models (ME & HE) the addition of odor and fume removal filters are incorporated.

To determine the level of filtration you require you need to know the size particle you need to capture. Please See Our Applications Chart to the right which can assist you.
Applications Chart

Welding (Low & Med)
Machine Shops (Low)
Wood Shop (Med)
Body Repair Shops & Automotive Refinishing (Low & Med)
Manufacturing Facilities (All 3 Units)
Parking Garages (Low)
Grinding / Sanding Operations (Low Med)
Loading Docks (Low)
Printing Shops (Low)

Removes, Remove Removal / Reduces

Diesel & Exhaust Soot (Med & High)
Airborne Particulates (All 3 Units)
Welding By-Products (Med & High)
Saw Dust & Process Dust Powder (Low & Med)
Buffing Dust (Low & Med)

Source Capture (All 3 Units)

Source Capture (All 3 Units)
Dust Collection Systems (All 3 Units)
Commercial & Industrial Air Cleaners / Purifiers (All 3 Units)
Heavy Dust Loading applications (All 3 Units)
High Quality Industrial Air Cleaners (All 3 Units)
Ambient Air Cleaners (All 3 Units)
Standalone Dust Collectors (All 3 Units)
Green Industrial air cleaners (All 3 Units)
Torching (Low)

Why Go Green?

Why Go Green

Airephase goes green with a totally newly designed unit and blower/motor assembly, the very heart of our system. Our new energy efficient and high efficiency ECM (electronically commutated motor) replaces a PSC motor while using up to 75% fewer watts. New ECM motor technology advancement creates immediate energy savings translating to immediate operational savings.

ECM technology is based upon a brush less-DC permanent magnet motor, vastly more efficient than PSC motors while providing far quieter operation, better air quality and airflow control translating to significant cost savings.

With advanced motor control features 6 different speed settings (at 1/2 & 1 HP) providing a wide range of operational options. The motor is designed to provide constant torque operation, thereby automatically adjusting its performance based upon any changing operational conditions.

Features like rotational sensing allow for the motor to automatically adjust for the correct operational direction. 120,208,230, 50/60Hz voltage wiring modes allows connection to virtually any power source, anywhere. The motor's intelligent controller monitors incoming voltage and frequency, then automatically adjusts to operate at the existing conditions with no performance loss.

Power surging is a thing of the past as the intelligent controls gradually ramp up the speed to avoid electrical surging. Motor efficiency improves by over 25% power consumption may be reduced up to 75%. The motor's operation being better controlled and monitored provides for much quieter and longer lasting modes of operation. Thermal overloads and sealed ball-bearings provide years of maintenance free operation.

When not operating at its optimum speed setting, the motor can be run at a fractional HP setting or in Constant Fan (CF) mode. This reduces energy consumption while keeping air constantly moving, filtered and redistributed throughout a facility. For less than 50* cents a day the CF mode filters airborne particulate, odors, and fumes that cause a stale, musty and stagnant air build-up during the off-hours. The low energy, almost silent CF mode can be manually activated by user or set to function automatically during regular working hours when combined with our optional (TSCMM) Timer Control hardware.

Besides having more systems installed worldwide and being the most documented system in the market, now we are more cost efficient to operate more versatile and user friendly. You would think it would make the competition green with envy.

..Go Green & Go Clean

* Calculation based upon 13 cents average cost per KWh.

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The first filter in line in our progressive filtration design is a pre-filter to capture the larger size particulates. That would otherwise clog the final filter and reduce its life expectancy. This filter is composed of a blend of high loft synthetic and natural fibers for better than 90% arrestance on particles as small as 4µ in size. This filter has a MERV 8 rating. more details ...

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The HEPA is a specially constructed air filter designed to perform with an efficiency rating of at least 99.97% on particles 0.3 microns in size. Particles of this size have been determined to be the most penetrating or difficult particle size to capture whereas particles larger or smaller are filtered out even at higher efficiencies.This assures there is a high level of protection against airborne disease transmissions. more details ...

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Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a highly effective method of sterilization that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light in the short wavelength (UVC) to breakdown micro-organisms. UV light is electromagnetic radiation that operates in the 253.7 Angstrom (254nm) range. UV irradiation destroys the nucleic acids by breaking their molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA which in turn removes their growth and reproductive more details...

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One of the most critical aspects of a HEPA filter is to insure that efficiencies are maintained throughout its service life and remain at their highest level, and this involves a leak-free filter seal. The seal is the interface that exists between the filter and the mounting surface of the hardware. Compression seals that normally involve a neoprene type of closed cell sponge gasket can dry out and deteriorate or leak due to under or over torquing more details...



The Baffle Box: is a rear exhaust atttachment that can be used when the Airephase™ is more details...
Differential Gauge: This gauge allows a constant monitoring of the performance more details...
Hour Meter: Another means of identifying total run time is the installation of the electronic more details..

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