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Office Buildings Offices are vulnerable to various indoor environmental issues. Factors include the type, use, design, age and the construction materials used. The most common types of contaminants found in Offices include: Asbestos, Lead, Mould (Mold) and VOC's. Additionally, the indoor air quality of the can be affected by contaminants such as, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, particulates or gas build ups.

Assessments/surveys are performed for various conditions, depending on the contracted scope of the study, which often include procedures that utilize specialized equipment or the collection of physical samples. All samples are analyzed by third party certified laboratories.

On completion, a detailed report is provided, which will contain recommendations for remediation and any other action required to address the source of the pollutants. Once the remediation or abatement project is completed your site will be re-inspected, samples taken and re-evaluated to ascertain the completeness and quality of the project.

Our services are typically requested by large and small property managers, property developers, insurance companies, and individual building owners.

Air Technology Solutions provides the following range of services for the Office environment. For further information please Click Here

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