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Mould (Mold) Contamination

Microbial (Mould) Contamination One of the most common indoor air pollutants is microbial contamination (mould), which is primarily attributed to fungal/bacterial growth on building materials. Some building materials such as Gypsum Board, Wood, Plywood, and some ceiling tiles are more susceptible to mold growth due to intrinsic properties.

Boxes, papers, books, fabrics and other non-building related materials can also be source for concern. These materials are present within offices, schools, residential apartments, condos and single family homes.

The presence of microbial contamination (i.e. mold, fungal, bacterial, etc.) in a building presents a health hazard to both occupants and construction workers during renovation or demolition. This type of contamination, although not specifically regulated, is currently being addressed by most regulatory bodies and routinely enforced by Health Departments and Ministries of Labour across the country.

Air Technology Solutions offers the following services:
  • Manage, supervise and execute building survey for microbial contaminants
  • Collection of air and bulk samples
  • Develop contamination management programs
  • Design of recommended abatement programs
  • Contract specification development and bid evaluations
  • Project management and supervision
  • Development of employee training programs
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