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Small Compact Dust Collector   Description
Quatro-air JetStream
  • Compact space saving design
  • Health-smart, contains anti-microbial bag filter
  • Medical Grade HEPA filter included
  • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Infinite speed control
  • Quick access motor compartment
  • Customizable for OEM applications
Quatro-air JetStream Quatro-air JetStream Quatro-air JetStream
Available Attachment - Adapter to allow source capture extraction using 1/2" tubing
Quatro-air H562 Quatro-air H562    
H562 - With 1/2" hose H562    
Quatro-air AG113 Quatro-air AG143 Quatro-air F160 Quatro-air F190    
AG113 (5 pack) AG143 (5 pack) F160 F191S (replaces F190)    
AG113 / AG143 - Note:
The AG143 allerX bags (white) should be used when dealing with larger dry particulate matter.  If you are working with fine dust then the multi-layer AG113 (yellow) is more effective at capturing this dust in its various layers without clogging up.
Height 13" (310mm)
Width 10.25” (260 mm)
Depth 14.25” (362 mm)
Weight 28lb (12.7kg )
CFM 141 (240 m3 / hour)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane 18
# / Pallet by Boat 24
Motor Type High Speed Turbine
Amps 7 / 3
Voltage 120 / 230
* Red indicates 230Volt usage  
Replacement Parts Part Number
White Filter Bag,5/pkg AG143 ( 5 pack )
Yellow Filter Bag, 5/pkg AG113 (5 pack)
HEPA Filter F190
1/8" Gasket Roll (40') H006-R
Graphite Crystal Rods,2/pkg AB112
Blower Door Screws H457
Turbine Rubber Grommets H456
Speed Control Dial AS014
Replacement Turbine AB001
Black Filter DoorHEPA Retainer Knobs H352
Toggle Switch E035
4’ Hi-Capacity Hose H424-04
Circuit Breaker E159
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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