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Heavy Duty Dust & Odor Removal   Description
Quatro-air CSA600>
  • Designed for ALL heavy duty applications (for high levels of debris & odor)
  • With large collection bag, HEPA Filter & Deepbed Odor filters
  • LaserBlue Gel seal guarantees NO BYPASS
  • Dual hi-speed turbine for high suction, pressure & airflow
  • Whisper quiet operation is office friendly
  • Designed for easy side access panels for filter bag and motor maintenance.
  • Universal design allows for 2.5", 3", 4" inlet along with discharge
Quatro-air CSA600 Quatro-air CSA600 Quatro-air CSA600
Various capture arm options available
Quatro-air CSA-White_Arm
Quatro-air F128 Quatro-air F073 Quatro-air F074 Quatro-air AG111  
F128 F073 F074 AG111    
CSA-626 2 Station
Height 45"(1140mm)
Width 21"(540mm)
Depth 13"(330mm)
Weight 140lb (63.50kg)
CFM 282 (480m3 / h)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane N/A
# / Pallet by Boat N/A
Motor Type High Speed Turbine Brushless Motor
Amps 12.8 / 6.6 10 / 5
Voltage 120 / 230 120 / 230
* Red indicates 230Volt usage  
Replacement Parts Part Number
Toggle Switch On/Off E110
Toggle Switch On/Off/Auto E035
Blower plate Isolators H307
Brush & Pad Replacement Kit AB024
Filter Gasket H296/37ft
Filter Access Plate Gasket H006/50ft
Brush Type Motor 120V AB001
Brush Type Motor 230V AB002
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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